Glitz and elegance: the Golden Kimono from BkiB

Precious, refined and intriguing, the BkiB kimono represents a concentration of elegance and sensuality, comfort and style, purity of line and taste for the finest fabrics. Simona Chiaravalle, the soul of the brand, has chosen the richest shades of gold and silver, and silk embroidered with three-dimensional designs, that will caress the curves and enhance the figure of the wearer. Each convincing and distinctive kimono design is also 100% made in Italy.

These garments recall the pageantry of ancient Japan in an absolutely modern way: the kimono can be used, in fact, in a thousand ways: as a seductive housecoat, a sophisticated overcoat with evening dresses or – why not – to give outfits based on a simple pair of jeans an unprecedented degree of refinement. The aim of the designer was to complement the uniqueness of the face and hair of the woman who wears it, enhancing her beauty with the brightness of the fabric.

BkiB - kimono oro

BkiB – kimono oro

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