Nude Look: the modern princess fashion show in Paris.

Paris. Contemporary haute couture

Paris, the historic cradle of haute couture and bon ton, a model of elegance and sophistication, has started to produce some provocative work. After years of respecting fashion tradition, even the French capital is now giving way to the charm of the last trend by bringing it onto the catwalk.

In particular, for spring / summer 2017, Parisian haute couture fashion looks like it is fully embracing the nude look.


Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad and Dior have created collections that feature dresses studded with precious crystals, tulle and lace, exposing the breasts of the models. The idea is to evoke a modern princess who winks at sensuality, while honoring her femininity.

bkib parigi.001

Il nude look di Elie Saab, Dior e Zuhair Murad

The ‘Nude Look’ of a Star

When the stars start to embrace a trend, the fashion world stands to attention. That’s certainly the case with Chiara Ferragni and Bella Hadid. The most famous Italian fashion blogger in the world and the top model in California recently turned up for Dior’s carnival party in Paris with a very sexy nude look: both chose a mini dress from the Parisian fashion house, with a balconette corset that shows off their female nudity and sensual beauty, in a restrained, attractive manner.

Bella Hadid e Chiara Ferragni da Dior

Bella Hadid e Chiara Ferragni da Dior in Dior

Sensuality from BkiB

Elegant, refined and sensual. A woman who can afford to show herself with a bare look without being transgressive. This was the base used by Simona Chiaravalle to create the BkiB woman. The BkiB woman wears lace ‘hiding’ her breasts between embroidery. Daring becomes the watchword for our kind of woman: a nude look that speaks to you directly and confidently.


Il nude look BkiB

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