Brocade: The Trend of the Moment

Autumn / winter 16-17 was the scene of brocade’s absolute triumph, with brocade fabrics being used for clothing, boots, skirts and suits. All of the leaders in the women’s clothing world were seemed to be trying to bring Byzantine influences back to shine on the catwalk.

The big fashion houses have dusted off their jacquard looms to meet the demand of this trend, just another of the endless twists and turns in fashion history.

As it is well known, the Brocade style is thousands of years old: from the fifth century to the present, from Japan to Persia and then to Italy, this fabric has been rediscovered countless times, and reinterpreted in endless interpretations.

broccato 2

BkiB and High Fashion Brocade

Among the new spokesman of the successful trend, stands the figure of Simona Chiaravalle, chief designer of BkiB brand. Simona has carved a niche, creating iconic baroque designs for her kimonos. Reproduced in floral form, the Brocade fabric used by Chiaravalle enriches BkiB creations and helps to make them even more unique.

broccato BkiB

The Milanese designer has worked hard to perfect this part of her collection, and it really hits the market, meeting the haute couture world demand thanks to the attention  to detail and high quality. Historically, brocade was in fact the fulcrum of autumn / winter collections from some of the greatest designers. In line with the Sicilian Baroque-style of the brand, it has dominated the collections of Dolce & Gabbana, with their double-breasted coats with golden decorations as a focal point. Balmain also prefers brocade fabrics, which they have taken onto the catwalk in different varieties. Meanwhile, the bon ton brocade dresses of Prada and Miu Miu interpret the trends of the moment in the most colorful tones.

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With their unmistakable character, brocade fabrics are not exclusive to the catwalk. When combined with simple jeans and a T-shirt, the arabesque kimonos from BkiB can complete an everyday look, giving it a fashionable and refined character. Variations in the gold and silver are the perfect theme for your holiday outfits!

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